At EZ Military we are passionate about product customisation. Therefore we have invested in the facilities to customise a huge range of products to your specific requirements in-house.

By investing in the latest and best equipment on the market we are able to ensure a high quality finish. This additional customisation can make your purchase truly unique to you and is an ideal option when buying someone a gift.

Product customisation can be used to add text above and/or below your regimental badge. You can also add additional badges or custom text to any product.

Each product we sell has unique customisation options available. However if you are unable to find the customisation type you require or would like something a little bit different please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help.


One of the most popular customisation options we offer is to add text to the back of a garment. We do this by using high quality vinyl. This gives a bold, long lasting finish.


Another popular option is to add custom text around regimental badges. This option can be applied to every product we offer.


On a lot of our products you will find the option to add extra badges. You can select from the pre-defined list or simply tell us what badge you would like instead.
Additional Badges


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